JLPT, the short form of Japanese Language Proficiency Test is an exam which is conducted by the Japanese Government and is a pre-requisite for the foreign nationals to work in this field. The test is conducted world over on the first Sunday of December and July month every year. The test is divided into 5 levels, which are N1 to N5 with N5 is the most basic and N1, the most advance.


The JLP Test has 5 sections of Vocabulary, Reading, Listening and Grammar in each level and the passing score is different for different level. Listening and reading constitute the areas which must be given utmost focus. The students must not follow the myth that learning vocabulary is everything you do while learning a foreign language.

The course content which is taught to the students are in sync with the latest syllabus of the JLPT and the training imparted by the expert instructors are aimed towards preparing the students for every aspect of the exam. We emphasise on listening and reading, which comprise the major chunk of the syllabus.

Impeccable teaching methodology

The teaching methodology is something we are very particular about. We understand what is expected from an examinee at the JLPT exam and impart training in similar way as cracking the exam is the ultimate goal. At Kizoku, we follow the most proper steps in listening which include Tone rehearsal, link rehearsal and intonation. While in reading training speed training and framing of sentences is given emphasis. We encourage the students to use Japanese once they enter the classroom and also use them while you are with your friends.