Achieving the ultimate goal of learning Japanese- A dream job in Japan

Japan is considered an ally of India and has been investing in India for a long time now. Many Japanese companies have been set up in recent times or have branches here in India. Many Indians also immigrate to Japan for better job opportunities. For being able to get into these companies in Japan as well as in India, you need to have proficiency in the Japanese language. You are required to pass a JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) which signifies that you have considerable expertise in the language. Many job seekers in India, despite being talented are not able to get a job in Japan because they are not well versed in Japanese. When we train you at Kizoku in Japanese language, we also make sure that you are given due placement assistance.

Some of the lucrative job opportunities once you are proficient in Japanese

  • Interpreter : An interpreter facilitates the conversation by translating the conversion to the desired language.
  • IT and Automobile industry : Automobile and IT industry are booming in India and Japan, and if you are sound with your skills and also possess proficiency in Japanese, a high-paying job awaits you.
  • Hospitality industry : For serving in the hospitality industry, you need to have great communication skill and in the case of Japan, you need to have a good command over Japanese language too.

The primary requirement of getting jobs in the above mentioned profile is sound Japanese skills and  a JLPT certification. Other skills that you possess can help you get jobs in your specialization.